Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday Evening "Heat Wave"

Boy if that isn't the truth. It has been in the teens and today it was in the 30's. WOW! Anyway I hope everyone is doing good. My doggie kids are doing great. I have a friend though who's mom just passed away on Wednesday so please keep her in your prayers.
As for my shops. I have been adding more to my vintage shop and have finally figured out how to make the pictures look great. Check out some of the brooches that I have added.
I also think that I am going to try to continue to design my own fabric. I have started but have never kept going. It will of course have dogs on it. These are dogs from the shelter. I want to donate some of the money to our local shelter if I can do it. So keep watching.
Well got to go. Hope everyone is having a great evening watching the Super Bowl. (Not my thing)

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Anonymous said...

Love the brooch!