Saturday, November 15, 2008

More of my Kids

The dogs are Socks (who is sitting) and Cowboy. The horse is Jet (who is for sale).

Fabrics of all Colors

Here is some of Laurel Burches new Bountiful Blessings Fabrics. I love them. I have all of the collection on my Etsy site so check them out.

My Kids

These are some of my kids playing. Of course it is summer out. I have 6 dogs total and 6 horses and right now 16 cats. I love my kids and it really hurts me to see others being abused. I use to run our animal shelter and saw a of abuse and sad dogs and cats. I love horses too and have seen some sad situations with them also.

Saturday November 15

Wow This is new for me. I am going to have fun with it I hope. I am going to post a lot of my items on here and hope someone finds me. It is Saturday evening and I just did a craft show. I will be posting some pics of my items that I make so check back.